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Paint Protection

Autocare NT are Northern Territory's sole distributor of Advanced Protection Exterior and Interior Protection products.



  • Fruit Bat Excrement

  • Bird Droppings

  • Environmental Fallout

  • Acid Rain

  • Tree Sap

  • Sunscreen

  • Berry & Fruit Stains

  • Colour Fading

  • Insect Marks

  • Oxidisation


Advanced Protection's Fusion Quartz exterior paint protection is a new Nanotechnology chemical formulation combining Ceramic and Titanium components that penetrate and fuse to all automotive paints to protect and preserve the gloss and colour of any vehicle. 

The advantage of this formulation is a harder, more durable coating to protect the paint against the harsh Australian environment including bird and bat droppings and environmental fallout, while reducing road grime build up in the paint pores. Fusion Quartz is the latest paint protection technology that is more than double the thickness of any other paint protection on the market and will hold its shine and protection for much longer.


  • Food & Drink Stains

  • Deterioration from UV Rays

  • Lipstick & Make-Up

  • Ink Stains & Shoe Polish

  • Grease & Oil Stains

  • Pets & Perspiration


FUSION Ultimate Interior Protection for leather, vinyl, carpet and fabric ensures your vehicle interior is protected against deterioration caused by harmful UV rays, heat & grime.

Even though today's leather, vinyl and fabrics are more sophisticated and durable, the effects of sun, heat and grime can cause unprotected surfaces to age and deteriorate, reducing the value of your vehicle.

Fusion interior protection makes it easier to keep the vehicle interior clean, and reduces the risk of stains and marks damaging the carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl.


Advanced Protection products are dealer exclusive products, if you are interested in having the best protection for any brand of new or used car, contact Autocare NT and we can put you in contact with an Advanced Protection consultant.

For further information please see the Advanced Protection website.

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