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Paint Protection Film


"The only officially licensed paint protection film of NASCAR® — tough enough to protect vehicles going 185 mph!’

Autocare NT can offer an extra level of wear protection for the most vulnerable areas of your new car paint. We only use the best 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film that offers unrivalled protection from almost anything the outside world can throw at it. This super tough transparent urethane film helps protect paint from stones, sand, road debris, bug acids and other harsh conditions that mark the new car finish.


Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series is simply the ultimate in paint protection. The film features a clear coat with ultraviolet (UV) protectant that counteracts harmful UV rays, is maintenance free, stain & fade resistant without turning yellow, and blends in almost invisibly with your vehicle’s finish. The self-healing technology helps to keep your film to look newer longer!


If you would like to safeguard the vulnerable painted surfaces of your car like the leading edge of the hood, rear bumper, door edges, door handle cups and boot ledge from chips and scratches contact Autocare NT.



Contact us about keeping you new car looking great as long as you can!

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