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Rust Proofing

- Electronic & Spray On Rust Proofing Solutions -

With the extreme humidity levels experienced in the Top End, protecting your vehicle with Electronic or Spray On Rust Proofing has never been more important!  The rate at which rust can form is dependent upon a number of factors, including high temperatures, humidity, salt, carbon dioxide, chlorides etc – all common in Darwin!


Over time, steel has a tendency to return to its natural state (Iron Oxide). When exposed to Oxygen and moisture (humidity) there is an electrochemical reaction which causes electrons to be lost, thus forming Ferric Oxide (Rust). This rusting process can be prevented by replacing the electrons faster than they are lost. For motor vehicles the most common methods are Capacitive Coupling or Impressed Current.


Capacitive Coupling

Capacitive Coupling system outputs a charge onto an insulated pad (coupler). The system relies on the vehicle paintwork as a dielectric, or layer between positive and negative charge.

Impressed Current

Impressed Current systems directly connect to vehicle body, and push a high frequency current through the vehicle body, interrupting the natural rusting process. 


Autocare NT offer the best technology for vehicle rust protection with Advanced Protections RP3 Rust Proofing Module, which uses a new technology called HECC (High Energy Capacitive Coupling), this is a unique combination of both impressed current and high frequency capacitive coupling.

​Our Spray On Rust Proofing is applied with a special spray gun and penetrates cavities to guard against moisture damage, exposure to salt and other harmful chemicals that cause corrosion. Our specialised product is a thixotropic, oil based, non-toxic formulation. The benefits of being “thixotropic” in vehicle application is that the product will not crack and come off, it will remain flexible and in the event of product being scratched, it will naturally mend itself together.


Contact us about protecting the uncoated metal areas on your car, especially the unpainted areas under the vehicle!


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