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Since 1988 Rhino Linings has gained a reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of spray-applied lining solutions for the automotive industry.

Autocare NT provide protection for your vehicle with Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF spray on protective lining for Utes, Trucks & Trailers, Commercial, Construction & Military Vehicles, Boats, Horsefloats and ATVs, but also ideal on a wide range of other applications – applied on grille guards, bumpers, fenders, mudguards, side steps, toolboxes, fuel tanks and A-Frames.

Unlike plastic drop-in liners, TUFF STUFF forms a permanent air and water-tight bond that prohibits rust, corrosion and surface abrasion. Applied up to 3 times thicker than other liners providing more protection, more sound deadening, more slip resistance and more vibration absorption than any other liner on the market. The non porous lining is easy to clean and the non-abrasive surface texture helps keep cargo in place, and can be applied to just about any area regardless of shape, size or penetration.

Our professionally installed TUFF STUFF linings are guaranteed not to rip, crack, warp, peel or tear even under our extreme Top End conditions! TUFF STUFF is the only Liner that comes with a “Nation Wide Life Time Warranty”

If you want the best protection & the ultimate piece of mind then Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF is the only Liner for you!






Rhino Linings ArmaFloor Epoxy and Polyaspartic Flooring Systems provide a long-term, durable, resilient, hygienic and easy to clean decorative solution for garages, workshops, residential & commercial flooring.


Rhino Linings Darwin offers a range of proven coatings and flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications to enhance aesthetics and functionality. We specialise in epoxy, polyaspartic flake, polyurethane and crack repair resin systems for concrete surfaces. The superior hard-hitting toughness provides full protection, strength & durability, with excellent scratch & abrasion resistance and hot tyre proof, no black tyre marks!


Rhino Linings Flooring products meet industry standards and can conform to any specification. They are seamless, food safe, chemical resistant, and with added granules meet AS/NZ standard for slip resistance, suitable for commercial kitchens, warehouses, garages, retail applications and other trafficable surfaces will give your floor a good-looking finish that will remain integral for many years.



  • Tough, stronger floors,

  • Excellent wear and tear resistance

  • Will withstand shock, heat, chemicals and water


Slip Resistant

  • Impervious to moisture

  • Slip resistant additives - Flake, Quartz or Granite


Cost Effective

  • Stand the test of time

  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Cost effective


Are you looking for an abrasion resistant floor coating that is UV stable, easy to clean and can stand up to day to day combat? Call the Rhino Linings Darwin team on 8981 2277 or 0438 560 547 to arrange a free onsite quote.




Rhino Linings spray applied polyurethanes and polyaspartics are unlike any other product on the market for boat flooring, unlike foams, rubber and woods material that quickly deteriorates, and carpet that is does not provide any protection from rust & corrosion. Rhino Linings provides:

✔ Protection from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt & rust

✔ UV Stable & does not hold heat
✔ Forms an airtight & watertight seal preventing rust & corrosion
✔ Will not crack, spilt, tear or warp like foam/rubber mats or wood floors
✔ Resists scratches & abrasions

✔ Flexible, textured surface reduces slippage & comfortable to stand on
✔ Maintenance free & easy to clean
✔ Sprayed to any desired thickness, and onto any surface or area (TUFF STUFF)

Used worldwide to protect marine vessels including boats and ships of all sizes, from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt and rust. Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF polyurethane maintains it’s tensile strength & hardness characteristics even in our extreme Top End conditions!

TUFF STUFF is available in custom colours, with grey being the most popular for marine applications, and the polyaspartic flake choices are endless, you can choose from a light or dark base coat with a wide variety of colour flakes available to match your boat! Being spray applied TUFF STUFF effectively adheres to steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, concrete and most substrates for a variety of hard-working applications above or below deck, to provide a super tough industrial grade protective lining to permanently seal out moisture for rugged long-term durability.

Looking for the ultimate long-term protection for your Boat Flooring? Call Kev and the Rhino Linings Darwin team on 89812277 or 0438560547 or drop past 3 Presley St Stuart Park